• Information for authors

Information for authors

The academic journals of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences publish original scientific papers in Lithuanian and English (with summaries in English and Lithuanian, respectively) that have not been submitted for publication or published elsewhere.

The papers must answer certain requirements: in the introductory part, the authors briefly define the object of research, state-of-the-art of the problem, and their personal contribution by highlighting the novelty of the approach and by defining methods of the organization of scientific reasoning, information gathering, analysis, and presentation.

The structure of the paper is as follows: the title, full names of all authors, the name and address of the institution in which research was done, the summary, and keywords. The paper consists of the introduction, the main body of the text, conclusions, references, and the summary (in Lithuanian or English).

For more on the requirements for papers, please see sections ʽInstructions to Authorsʼ in particular journals.

Manuscripts that comply with formal and academic requirements are sent to two independent experts. In case of controversial reviews, the decision of the editorial board of a journal may depend on the opinion of the third reviewer.

A number of papers are randomly selected for plagiarism software checking.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the editorial boards of the journals:


E-mail: biologija@vdu.lt



E-mail: chemijavilnius@yahoo.com

Power Engineering

E-mail: rolandas.urbonas@lei.lt


Philosophy. Sociology

E-mail: tomas.kacerauskas@vilniustech.lt (filosofija)

E-mail: filosofija.sociologija@lstc.lt (sociologija)


Lithuanian Journal of Physics




E-mail: lituanistica@gmail.com


Studies in Art

E-mail: zurnalasmenotyra@gmail.com