Political Communication of Creative Society in Lithuania: Sociological Aspects

  • Aurimas Venckūnas
Keywords: nowadays society, creative society, creative class, sociology, Lithuania


The aim of the article is to analyse the sociological aspects of political communication of creative society in Lithuania, that is to calculate (using official statistics) the approximate quantity of a creative class in nowadays society (in Lithuania and in some countries of the world: the European Union’s average of 27 countries, the USA, Canada, Russia; China still does not have such statistics). The research showed that in the nowadays society (that could be called creative society), the representatives of creative class make not less than 25–30% of all employees in that country (using official statistics, and namely, the economic activity classification ‘NACE Rev. 2’ and its analogues in other countries, in the section level, the creative class is calculated as the sum of the most suitable economic activities: J, K, L, M, P, Q, R). Moreover, the research showed that the quantity of creative class in the nowadays society was constantly increasing – by 3% on the average in every 10 years (estimating official statistics for the period of 1990–2020 where available). The article is based on the results of the doctoral dissertation prepared by the author.