Conflict Resolution on Discrimination: The Dichotomy of a Potential and Actual Action in Lithuania

  • Alina Žvinklienė
  • Lilija Kublickienė
Keywords: equal rights and opportunities, discrimination, conflict resolution pyramid


The institutional protection of equal rights and opportunities is one of the most important features of the contemporary democratic society. In this context, there is someparadox in Lithuania. The modern mechanism for the protection of equal rights and opportunities is being developed, however, the population does not fully utilize its competences in the case of actual discrimination. The article enquires into the choice of potential and actual actions for a conflict resolution based on discrimination in the context of existing institutional possibilities in Lithuania. The concept of the conflict resolution pyramid is used. Both pyramids of potential and actual conflict resolution represent the trend towards a quantitative decline in the choices to be made for the conflict resolution. Some foreseen gaps between the potential and actual action in the case of discrimination are unexpectedly salient. Almost all Lithuanians express the determination to defend the violated rights that is not a case of represented actual actions by the victims of discrimination. Moreover, it can be assumed that at least half of all Lithuanian respondents are not eager for the conflict resolution even on the basic level of a close social environment. Also, the research data suggest that the public discourse on equal opportunities and discrimination is at the stage of formation.