Investigation of dielectric and magnetic properties of AL-800 ferrite

  • S. Rudys
  • S. Balčiūnas
  • Ch. Vollinger
  • J. Banys
  • V. Kalendra
Keywords: ferrite, dielectric spectroscopy, magnetic permeability


Ferrites are usually used in accelerators for tuning radiofrequency (RF) cavities and in nonreciprocal devices controlling the power flow in RF accelerating systems. The conventional parallel‐biased Ni Zn ferrites employed for varying the frequency of accelerating cavities have the disadvantage of high saturation magnetization (4πMs). Application of the transversely biased yttrium iron garnet (YIG) material in RF tuners promises a significant reduction of power loss compared with systems that use the longitudinal bias. To inject the beam and extract the beam out of the CERN accelerator rings the fast kicker magnets made from ferrite materials must be used. Power deposition in the kicker magnets can be a limitation: if the temperature of the ferrite yoke exceeds the Curie temperature, the beam will not be properly deflected. Investigation of the ferrite electromagnetic properties of materials up to the GHz frequency range is essential for a correct impedance evaluation. This report summarizes an approach for deriving electromagnetic properties as a function of both frequency and temperature of the AL-800 garnet material. This information will be useful for simulating ferrite behaviour under realistic operating conditions.

Condensed Matter Physics and Technology