The gloria mundi of SYK does not transit yet

  • D.V. Khveshchenko
Keywords: SYK model, Liouvillean quantum mechanics, Lyapounov exponent


This paper discusses the examples of 0 + 1-dimensional Liouvillean dynamics instigated by the various deformations of the Sachdev–Ye–Kitaev (SYK) model. In reference to such deformations the main focus is on the regions of parameter space where the competing SYK couplings are of a comparable strength and cannot be treated as each other’s perturbations in the vicinity of the conformal fixed points corresponding to the pure SYKq models with different values of q. Crossovers between such fixed points (‘SYK transits’) can be efficiently studied in the equivalent framework of single-particle quantum mechanics.

Condensed Matter Physics and Technology