Capacitance-voltage characteristics of Si structures irradiated by protons and their frequency and temperature dependences

  • S. Sakalauskas
  • R. Pūras


Experimental capacitancevoltage (C–V) characteristics of silicon p-i-n diodes irradiated with high energy protons and capacitance dependences on frequency and temperature are presented in the paper and results are discussed. The higher fluencies of proton irradiation lead to the larger capacitance values of diodes biased to reverse voltage in the range of 20–120 Hz frequency, given the other conditions are the same. The capacitances of irradiated diodes are considerably higher than the barrier capacitances of non-irradiated ones. The energy of dominant defect deep level was calculated according to analysis of capacitance–voltage dependences on frequency and temperature.
Keywords: silicon diode, capacitance spectroscopy, proton irradiation defects
PACS: 61.82.Fk, 71.55.Cn, 85.30.Kk