Ellipsometry of porous n-Si:(Ni, Co) structures

  • M. Treideris
  • I. Šimkienė
  • A. Rėza
  • J. Babonas


The composite samples of porous n-Si, which have been prepared by anodic etching and embedded with Ni and Co nanostructures by electroless process, were investigated by null-ellipsometry technique. The ellipsometric data were analysed in the multilayer model and the composition of porous layer on the substrate surface was determined. The null-ellipsometry technique was shown to be an efficient tool for nondestructive testing and characterization of porous n-Si samples with embedded transition metal structures.
Keywords: porous n-Si, transition metal nanoparticles, null-ellipsometry
PACS: 78.66.Sq, 81.07.-b, 81.70.Fy