On the existence of dipole satellites in the region of M2,3-L2,3 non-dipole emission lines for transition elements

  • A. Kynienė
  • V. Jonauskas
  • S. Kučas
  • R. Karazija


The reason of discrepancy between the experimental and the theoretical relative intensities of the 3p→2p electric quadrupole emission with respect to dipole 3s→2p emission for transition elements is investigated in relativistic configuration interaction approximation. The enhancement of theoretical intensity of quadrupole transitions by 4–6 times is obtained. It is shown that their relative intensity increases with the atomic number. In the single configuration approximation the dipole and the quadrupole transitions are separated in energy, but taking into account the configuration mixing their energy intervals extend and overlap. The dipole CI satellites with intensity exceeding the intensity of quadrupole transitions appear in their region, thus their separation becomes hardly possible.
Keywords: non-dipole emission, transition elements, intensities of lines
PACS: 31.10.+z, 31.15.am, 32.70.Fw
Atoms and Molecules