Qualities of Musical Instruments as a Device of Hierarchisation

  • Yanina Yukhymuk
Keywords: intertextuality, comparative studies, postmodernism


The conflict between specialisation and personality is the main theme in the novels by Peter Høeg, Vladimir Orlov, Jose Saramago, and Patrick Süskind. The protagonists are brought together in their attempts to find and prove their new identities but quite different problems are discovered in the process. The violinist Kasper Krone, the violist Vladimir Danilov, and the unnamed cellist and the double bassist have their own status in the hierarchy of the musical world: this element of the narrative is a lure for readers who would like to learn the secrets of different professions. Sometimes the ways postmodern authors create images both in correlation with professional stereotypes and drama overcomplicate the plot for the unprepared recipient. For them, the variety of allusions and the brilliant game of intertextuality make no sense; however, this problem can be the reason to seek more information about the aforementioned musical opuses for a better understanding. In this case, readers will build strong links between implicit information and the motives of the protagonist’s behaviour.
Musicology. Theatrology