Comparison of one-step and step-wise compression tests

  • Šarūnas Skuodis
  • Ahmet Habib Karaman
  • Neringa Dirgėlienė
Keywords: oedometer, one-step loading, step-wise loading, sand compression


The primary purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of loading procedure type. To reach this aim, we have chosen the Baltic Sea Klaipėda sand, due to granulometry composition and particles shape. The paper examines several key aspects of sand compression type, namely comparison between one-step (constant rate loading) and step-wise (incremental loading) oedometer compression tests. In this manuscript, we present investigation of sandy soil compression character up to maximum 400 kPa loading. This research shows the difference between two loading procedures. The main objects of research: investigation of stress jumps during one-step and step-wise soil sample loading. The analysis of the results shows that when soil was compressed by step-wise loading procedure (0.94 mm) displacements were almost twice as big as in case of one-step loading procedure (0.57 mm).
Gamtinė geografija / Physical Geography