Philosophical and Social Foundations of European Political Identity in Crisis Against the Background of the New Stage of European Integration

  • Wojciech Slomski
  • Pawel Dulski
  • Leszek Kurnicki
Keywords: philosophy of culture, philosophy of politics, philosophy of modernity, Europe of nations, European identity, European integration, European political institutions, interculturalism


The article is dedicated to the problems of European political identity and European identity as a whole conception and as a foundation for European integration. Before 24 February 2022, European political identity had been in crisis. The contradictions between the EU member states seemed to be hardly resolvable. The Russian aggression against Ukraine gave a strong impetus to the formation of European identity. However, it is still a negative incentive for unity and solidarity rather than cohesion around positive values, as well as from the outset the European integration was caused by devastating World War II as a negative experience, which should never be repeated. The text makes use of methods peculiar to the philosophical sciences, i.e. critical textual analysis, historical-analytical and comparative methods.