Semiotical and Hermeneutical Approach to Undiagnosed Rare Diseases

  • JUAN R, COCA University of Valladolid
  • JUAN ANTONIO RODRÍGUEZ-SÁNCHEZ University of Salamanca
  • JUAN A. ROCHE CÁRCEL University of Alicante
Keywords: rare diseases, undiagnosis, biosociology, hermeneutic, sociotype, Peirce


Sociotype is a concept that allows a more comprehensive understanding about biosociology of undiagnosed rare diseases (URD). Sociotype is related to a genotype and a phenotype and it is an expression of the individual life world in society. In this paper, semiotic and hermeneutic analysis of papers published and selected about URD is developed. Te perspective followed in this research is aligned with the works of Barbieri and Peirce. Papers with the most social content have been selected and those with a more biomedical content have been rejected. Te semiotics analysis has been divided in genotypic, phenotypic and sociotypic, and related to the hermeneutical perspective. It has been possible to understand the basis of semiotics elements of URD. Te general conclusion is that URD is a particular sociotype with a determined set of social characteristics. Tis paper opens research on the biosemiotic and hermeneutic perspective about URD.

Medicine and Philosophy