Perception of Security Among the Members of Pro-Defense Organisations in Poland: A Comparison of 2018 and 2022

  • Wojciech Gizicki
Keywords: security sociology, pro-defence organisations, national security, international security, Poland


The article aims to analyse the motivation and perception of security among the members of pro-defence organisations in Poland. The multidimensionality of threats and challenges in the area of national and international security necessitates the use of all forces and means. This also applies to using the potential, interest, and involvement of specific people within the state security system. In the case of Poland, a large role is played by numerous pro-defence organisations with many members, including young people. In the last few years, a large number of events with a direct impact on the sense of national and international security have occurred. This article attempts to perform a comparative analysis by considering the perspectives in 2018 and in 2022, which are based on an original survey of a selected group of respondents.