Some General Intercultural Reflections on Climate Change

Keywords: climate change, nature, Laozi, Norbert Bolz, intercultural philosophy, cross-cultural comparison


The author of the article analyses the problem of climate change by comparing the philosophical ideas of the leading figure of Chinese Daoism Laozi and the German philosopher Norbert Bolz. The article highlights the complexity, relevance and interdisciplinarity of the problem. It is assumed that the focus on the problem of climate change is closely linked to changes in the social structure of the Western society and the controversial technological progress that has already made it possible to capture the signs of global warming in nature. At the same time, the problem of climate change is seen as a conflict of different interpretations. For this reason, emphasis is placed on the need for a dialogue between specialists in natural and social sciences as well as humanities in addressing issues arising from the latter problem.

Reflections on Pandemics and Climate Change