Monographic Research and its Place in Lithuanian Sociology

  • Lilija Kublickienė
  • Alina Žvinklienė
Keywords: monographic method, rural sociology, local research


The article defines the concept of the monographic method and presents the development of the emergence and evolution of monographic research. The contribution of such key representatives of these studies as Frédéric Le Play, Dimitrie Gusti and Franciszek Bujak to the science of sociology is reviewed. Attention is also paid to the place of monographic research in Lithuanian sociology, stating that Lithuania has its own history of monographic research, but this research does not fall within the focus of sociologists’ analysis. The article argues the importance of academic discussions in order to legitimise monographic research in Lithuanian sociology, which would create opportunities to expand the scope of works to be included in the history of sociology and look at Lithuanian rural research in the context of a common European tradition.