Kazakhstan Youth Associations through the Prism of Public Opinion of Young Generation

  • Zhadyra Kaliyeva
  • Altynay Zhurasova
  • Nadezhda Shakhmatova
  • Salima Uzakova
Keywords: youth associations of Kazakhstan, dominant, demand


Results of the sociological studies, performed by means of a questionnaire (quota-area sample), are provided by the authors in the article. It is noted that youth organizations in the modern Kazakhstan are actively developing, playing an increasing role in life of the young generation. Meanwhile, every third young Kazakhstan was undecided during the questionnaire, and this confirms a significant level of inactivity of the most part of the youth. It is emphasized that a disparity between two components of the integration mechanism – youth engagement in one or other structure and identification with them – is observed in terms of social instability and uncertainty. Consequently, integration becomes necessary, more equivalent to mechanical integration than organically established interrelation. There are three approaches in the public opinion of the youth on the development of youth organizations – as a political and ideological structure (dominant), as a social mechanism of socialization, and responses to problems, needs and demands of the youth. Conclusions on a flexible ambiguity and a synthetical nature of the modern youth organizations of Kazakhstan, integrating traditional and paternalistic, and innovation-democratic beliefs and practices, were made on the basis of the performed analysis. And the first dominates over the second ones. At the same time, the youth associations were divided in those, which were created and controlled ‘from upstairs’ (more according to the youth opinion), and those, which were created upon the initiative ‘from below’. It was noted that in the case of orientation to (in the estimation of most people) youth engagement into political life of the society, many organizations solve problems of the society, but not of the youth. Moreover, nowadays most of the modern youth of Kazakhstan considers that the need of young people in public youth organizations has always been a priority. It means applicability and need of modern youth organizations during a troubled period of the society transformation, when young people need support of the society, solution of social problems and assistance, in order to implement themselves and their positive personal qualities, perfect themselves intellectually and spiritually, and to impact on public processes. Also this confirms that the Kazakhstan youth has a considerable potential of public activism.