On nonparaxial single-pixel imaging of semitransparent objects using flat diffractive optics

  • P. Kizevičius
  • S. Orlov
  • K. Mundrys
  • V. Jukna
  • L. Minkevičius
  • G. Valušis
Keywords: nonparaxial imaging, single-pixel imaging, contrast, resolution


High numerical apertures can result in distortions appearing in a single-shot image, rendering the acquisition of usable images challenging, if not outright impossible. However, in the realm of single-pixel imaging, various strategies can be employed to effectively inspect objects with an excellent resolution, contrast and brightness. Recent advancements in flat photonic components have facilitated the development of compact nonparaxial imaging systems, which show great promise, particularly in the THz range of wavelengths. These innovations hold the potential to advance fields such as communication, material inspection and spectroscopy. In this study, we delve into the imaging of semi-transparent objects with varying levels of detail. Furthermore, we introduce a nonparaxial design for a flat hyperbolical lens and evaluate its performance in these imaging scenarios, comparing it to structured illumination techniques involving Airy, Bessel, and common thin lens configurations. We present findings regarding potential improvements in imaging attributable to the nonparaxial hyperbolical lens.