Guided mode resonances for angular and spectral filtering

  • I. Lukošiūnas
  • J. Nikitina
  • D. Gailevičius
  • L. Grinevičiūtė
  • K. Staliūnas
Keywords: nanophotonics, linear photonics, RCWA, Maxwell’s equations, ion beam sputtering


The development of devices based on compact waveguides is a rapidly evolving field. A unique variation of such devices is the Fano-like resonance dielectric spectral and spatial filtre, made from a dielectric conformal thin film on a surface relief grating. It can be used in a normal (or oblique) angle-of-incidence configuration. This device facilitates directional selectivity, which is useful for transverse-mode cleaning in short optical cavities. It can also be enhanced by using leaky-mode effects to produce even sharper spectral features. However, a perfect spatial filtre should be as invariant as possible in the spectral and enhanced angular domains. Here, we solved the inverse design problem to produce such an effect. Numerically, we tuned the surface profile of the substrate grating, assuming a conformal layer on top. This resulted in trapezoidal relief patterns followed by narrow flat-top angular features. The combination of leaky mode effect and enhanced device topology will enable efficient and useful devices with a bandwidth of 50 nm and even more in the future.