Studying similarity of shapes via terahertz emission spectroscopy: The case of Ukrainian and Lithuanian symbols

  • B. Škėlaitė
  • V. Jakštas
  • M. Treideris
  • A. Bičiūnas
  • K. Ikamas
  • R. Butkutė
  • I. Grigelionis
Keywords: GaAs, metasurfaces, terahertz spectroscopy, magnetic polaritons


In this paper, the thermal emission from the n-GaAs/GaAs structure equipped with the Ti/Au metasurface is being investigated in the terahertz region. The metacell shape was chosen to be of heraldic origin, that is either the Ukrainian Trident or the Lithuanian Columns of Gediminids. The experiments were performed using far-infrared Fourier spectroscopy, where the heated sample served as the source of THz radiation. The optical properties of such structures were simulated using the rigorous coupled wave analysis method in order to explain the origin of experimentally observed spectral features. The deconstruction of the simulated spectra was also performed by simulating the properties of simplified metacells which constitute the metacells of the heraldic symbols investigated here. The spectral analysis suggests the similarity between the investigated symbols, which is also reviewed from the historical point of view.