Chirped LG modes interference formed chiral beams

  • G. Kontenis
  • D. Gailevičius
  • V. Jukna
  • K. Staliūnas
Keywords: chirped pulses, interference, orbital angular momentum


Non-Gaussian spatial intensity distribution beams used in laser micro- and nano-machining find many applications. For instance, Bessel beams, having a small diameter and a very long focal zone, allow the fabrication of high aspect ratio modifications in transparent materials. Higher-order Laguerre–Gauss modes are used in particle manipulation and even for multiplexing in optical communication. The temporal intensity distribution of a pulse is mostly overlooked or fixed to Gaussian shape distribution. However, pulse-shaped beams could improve the same fields of particle manipulation as optical traps, or the laser manufacturing. In this paper, we demonstrate a method of constructing a helical spatiotemporal intensity distribution beam the rotation of which in time can be varied. We demonstrate the analytical and numerical results and show an experimental realization of such a structure.