Investigation of reflection bands of 1D annular photonic crystal containing double negative index material and non-magnetized plasma

  • A. Aghajamali
  • S.K. Srivastava
  • C. Nayak
Keywords: annular photonic crystal, circular photonic crystal, cylindrical Bragg waves, reflectance spectra, double negative index material, non-magnetized plasma, transfer matrix method


In this paper, optical reflectance properties of an annular photonic crystal (APC) composed of alternate layers of double negative (DNG) material and a non-magnetized plasma (NMP) layer, immersed in free space, have been theoretically investigated and studied. The reflectance spectra of the annular PC have been obtained by employing the transfer matrix method (TMM) for the cylindrical waves in the case of TEpolarized wave only. It has been found that the spectral position and width of the reflection bands of APC are greatly influenced by the variation in the thickness of DNG metamaterial and NMP layer, respectively. Interestingly, it is observed that the presence of NMP layer causes the increase in photonic band gap (PBG) whereas the DNG layer reduces the PBG. Further, the effect of azimuthal mode number (m) on the reflectance spectra shows that for m > 0, splitting in the reflection bands occurs at the frequency corresponding to the zero permeability value of DNG metamaterial layer. Moreover, with the increase in azimuthal mode number one PBG is red-shifted and the second one is blue-shifted. Finally, the effect of change in the starting radius parameter of curved surface and plasma electron density on the reflectance spectra of APC has also been studied and very interesting results have been observed.

Nonlinear and Coherent Optics