Spin properties of electrons in a quantum tube

  • A. Dargys


Spin properties of electrons, the wave function of which is confined by cylindrical potential of a hollow semiconducting cylinder (quantum tube), and which simultaneously propagate along the cylinder axis are analysed. The spin–orbit interaction is included via Rashba and Dresselhaus Hamiltonians. The electron spin surface, which describes all possible spin eigen- and superposition states, is shown to reduce to the Bloch sphere, independent of the electron energy and semiconductor band parameters. The electron dispersion can be tuned to a regime that is favourable for the operation of the spin-FET by trimming the diameter of the quantum tube.
Keywords: spintronics, spin–orbit coupling, quantum well devices
PACS: 85.75.-d, 71.70.Ej, 85.35.Be
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology