Fluorescence of polarized atoms ionized by polarized electrons

  • A. Kupliauskienė
  • K. Glemža
  • K.-N. Huang


A general expression for the differential cross-section describing the properties of radiation following the ionization of polarized atoms by polarized electrons is obtained in two-step approximation by using the methods of atomic theory. The special cases of the general expression suitable for the specific experiments are derived. In the case of the ionization of nonpolarized atoms by non-polarized electrons, the expressions for the parameters of the asymmetry in the angular distribution of fluorescence as well as angular correlations between fluorescence photon and one of emitted electrons are presented. The magnetic dichroism in the angular distribution of fluorescence radiation is studied.
Keywords: ionization of atoms by electron impact, polarization, angular distribution, fluorescence
PACS: 31.10.+z, 34.80.Dp, 34.80.Nz, 32.50.+d
Atoms and Molecules