Meteorologically adjusted ground-level ozone trend at the Preila background sit

  • S. Byčenkienė
  • T. Rekašius
  • R. Girgždienė


Using a multiple low-pass Kolmogorov–Zurbenko filter, the separation of the original signal based on ozone and temperature data into long-term (annual), seasonal, and short-term (synoptic scale) components was applied for removing the effects of meteorological factors at the Preila background station (Lithuania). Meteorologically adjusted hourly ozone concentration data revealed long-term variations. Based on this approach a decline of 0.36 µg m3 yr1 in the meteorologically adjusted ozone concentration was determined for the period of 1999–2004.
Keywords: ozone concentration, time-series, mathematical statistics, Kolmogorov–Zurbenko low-pass filter
PACS: 92.60.Sz, 02.70.Rr, 02.50.-r
Environmental Physics