On the activity ratio 90Sr/137Cs in soil of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant 30-km zone in Ukraine

  • E.A. Rudak
  • O.I. Yachnik


Two calculation methods of the total content of 90Sr and fuel particles of the Chernobyl radionuclide fallout in soil of the 30-km zone of the Chernobyl NPP in Ukraine on the basis of direct and inverse density of soil contamination ratios of 137Cs and 90Sr are presented. It had been determined that the total content of fuel radionuclides in fallouts estimated by both methods differed about two times. Calculation disparity of content of fuel particles is the consequence of arithmetic average and harmonic average inequality. It was shown that the estimation of the total content of fuel particles in emergency fallout of about 1.5% was obtained due to harmonic means.
Keywords: radionuclide, density of soil contamination ratios, total content of radionuclides, fuel particle fallouts
PACS: 28.41.Te, 28.50.Hw, 89.60.-k, 02.50.-r
Environmental Physics