Measurement and numerical simulation of two-phase plasma flow in plasma spray process

  • V. Grigaitienė
  • V. Valinčius
  • R. Kėželis


Interaction of plasma jet with hard ceramic particles was numerically investigated by means of “Jets&Poudres" software improved and applied to model a specic plasma jet. The data on free plasma jet, with injected dispersed particles, its temperature and velocity distribution, as well as particles' melting state are presented. It was found that dispersed particles achieve higher temperature and velocity values than plasma gas at dimensionless distance x/d = 8–12 from exhaust nozzle. Numerical investigations were compared with experimental data. The results show that applied numerical model of two-phase high temperature jet calculation is in good agreement with experimental data and could be used to determine the optimal plasma spray parameters for coatings with desirable characteristics.
Keywords: plasma jet, plasma spraying, dispersed particles, coating synthesis
PACS: 68.47.Gh, 68.55.-a, 68.90.+g
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology