Semiconductor plate interacting with TE01 mode in circular waveguide

  • Ž. Kancleris
  • G. Šlekas
  • V. Tamošiūnas
  • R. Simniškis
  • P. Ragulis
  • M. Tamošiūnienė


In this paper, the possibility to use the semiconductor obstacle placed on the wall of the circular waveguide as the resistive sensor is analysed. The simplied model of the semiconductor obstacle is considered and the method to solve Maxwell's equations in the cylindrical coordinate system is presented for TE01 mode, which is most suitable for the transmission of high power signals. The nite-difference time-domain method was employed for the calculation of the electromagnetic field components in cylindrical waveguide, reflection coefficient from the semiconductor obstacle, and the average electric field in it. Computation results were tested by comparing computed results with the analytical solution.
Keywords: electromagnetic wave, TE01 mode, circular waveguide, semiconductor obstacle, resistive sensor
PACS: 41.20.-q, 07.50.-e
Electrodynamics and Wave Processes