Heavy hadron spectroscopy and the bag model

  • A. Bernotas
  • V. Šimonis


Some time ago a slightly improved variant of bag model (the modified bag model) suitable for the unified description of light and heavy hadrons was developed. The main goal of the present work was to calculate the masses of the ground state baryons containing bottom quarks in the framework of this model. For completeness the predictions for other heavy hadrons are also given. The reasonable agreement of our results with other theoretical calculations and available experimental data  suggests that our predictions could serve as a useful complementary tool for the interpretation of heavy hadron spectra.
Keywords: bag model, heavy quarks, heavy baryons, hadron spectra
PACS: 12.39.Ba, 14.20.Lq, 14.20.Mr, 14.40.Lb, 14.40.Nd
Subatomic Physics