Canonically quantized soliton in the bound state approach to heavy baryons in the Skyrme model

  • V. Regelskis
  • E. Norvaišas


The bound state extension of Skyrme's topological soliton model for the heavy baryons is quantized canonically in arbitrary irreducible representations of the SU(3) flavour group. The canonical quantization leads to an additional negative mass term, which stabilizes the quantized soliton solution. The heavy flavour meson in the field of the soliton is treated with semiclassical quantization. The representation dependence of the calculated mass spectra for the strange, charm, and bottom baryons is explored and compared to the existent empirical spectra.
Keywords: Skyrme model, baryon mass spectra, heavy baryons
PACS: 12.39.Dc, 14.20.Jn, 14.20.Lq, 14.20.Mr
Subatomic Physics