Laser-induced iron oxidation

  • A. Amulevičius
  • D. Baltrūnas
  • A. Daugvila
  • R. Davidonis
  • K. Mažeika
  • V. Remeikis
  • Č. Sipavičius
  • A. Undzėnas


Iron oxidation in air flux has been studied and the iron response to laser radiation has been evaluated. Effect of cooling rate on the oxide formation has been demonstrated. The Mössbauer conversion electron spectra have shown that a larger amount of oxides is formed in the surface layer. Any clearly expressed temperature dependence of the oxidation process has not been observed. It has been experimentally determined that the oxide amount depends upon the sample collection site.
Keywords: Mössbauer spectroscopy, laser treatment, iron oxidation
PACS: 42.62.Cf, 82.80.Ej, 81.65.Mq
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology