Simulation of indoor ozone concentration

  • S. Byčenkienė
  • V. Valuntaitė
  • R. Girgždienė


This paper presents a set of data obtained in experimental and theoretical studies of the indoor ozone concentration with displacement of the ozone source. The measurements were conducted for three typical room congurations. The simulation takes into account actual room sizes and deposition rates on the surface material to predict the indoor ozone concentration. Both experimental and simulated results suggest that the air exchange rate and the material surface in the room play a significant role in determining ozone levels in indoor environments. The simulated indoor ozone concentration was compared with experimental results (correlation r = 0.8), and the accuracy of the model was tested.
Keywords: indoor air, ozone, concentration, modelling
PACS: 92.60.Sz, 91.10.Vr
Environmental Physics