Influence of high-voltage transmission lines on pollutant concentration in nonurbanized areas

  • V. Valuntaitė
  • R. Girgždienė


The variations of ozone and aerosol particles as possible pollutants in the vicinity of high-voltage transmission lines are presented and discussed. The ozone, aerosol particle (D > 0.4 µm) number concentrations and meteorological parameters near two high-voltage 330 kV transmission lines and at the “background” site at the 220 m distance from the lines were investigated. During the investigation period the average ozone concentration close to high-voltage lines was higher than the “background” concentration and the instantaneous ozone concentration level was higher by 38% in separate cases, especially during the nighttime. The influence of meteorological parameters on the ozone concentration variation is discussed and it is determined that the relative humidity, wind speed and direction were the most important parameters causing the ozone concentration increase in the surroundings of transmission lines in nonurbanized areas. The analysis of aerosol particle number concentration data showed that the high-voltage lines were not the source of aerosol particles in the area of the experiment.
Keywords: high-voltage transmission lines, ozone, aerosol particles, concentration, meteorological parameters
PACS: 92.60.Sz, 52.80.Hc, 92.60.Mt

Environmental Physics