Analytic solution for the reduced cross-section and its derivatives at low x based on gluon and structure function exponents

  • G.R. Boroun Center for Physical Sciences and Technology


Analytic solutions for the reduced cross-section and its derivatives with respect to lny are presented at the low-x limit. The DGLAP evolution equations for singlet and gluon structure function based on Regge-like behaviour of the gluon distribution and the structure function at this limit are solved. We calculated numerically and compared our results with the HERA experiment H1 data at small x. All results can be consistently described within the framework of perturbative QCD.
Keywords: reduced cross-section, DGLAP evolution equation, small-x physics, Regge-like behaviour
PACS: 13.60.Hb, 11.55.Jy

Subatomic Physics