Luminescence study of ZnSe based scintillators in frequency domain

  • P. Vitta
  • G. Tamulaits
  • D. Shevchenko
  • A. Žukauskas
  • N. Strarzhinskiy
  • K. Katrunov
  • V. Ryzhikov


Photoluminescence of ZnSe-based scintillation crystals is studied. Photoluminescence intensities and spectra of isoelectronically doped ZnSe(Te), ZnSe(O), and ZnSe(O,Al) are compared. Frequency domain luminescence lifetime measurement technique was applied to study carrier dynamics at low density of nonequilibrium carriers, which is typical for operation of high-sensitivity ZnSe-based radiation detectors. Temperature-dependent competition between donor-acceptor-pair-type and exponential luminescence decay components was observed.
Keywords: scintillator, radiation detectors, photoluminescence spectroscopy
PACS: 29.40.Mc, 78.47.Cd, 78.55.Et
Semiconductor Physics