Nanocone structures with limited interspace grown by MOVPE

  • J. Novák
  • P. Eliáš
  • S. Hasenöhrl
  • A. Laurenčíková
  • P. Urbancová
  • D. Pudiš
Keywords: nanocone, epitaxy, gold seed, shell layer


Reduction and limitation of free spaces between the gallium phosphide nanocones was studied. A set of nanocone samples was grown by metal organic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE) in the temperature range between 610 and 690°C. Our results showed that by an appropriate combination of a high density of gold seeds and an optimized growth temperature it was possible to obtain a nanostructured surface with very limited free spaces between the nanocones. A combination of lateral and vertical growth rates regulated by the selection of growth temperature played a very important role in the nanocone hexagonal base enlargement, which helped to minimize spaces between the cones. The limitation of free space between the nanocones increased a probability of edge creation that is very helpful for the successful growth of 2D materials.
EW-MOVPE 18, Vilnius 2019