New possibilities of harmonic oscillator basis application for calculation of the ground state energy of a Coulomb non-identical three-particle system

  • A. Deveikis
Keywords: harmonic oscillator basis, ground state energy, three-particle systems, quantum systems with Coulomb potential


A new harmonic oscillator (HO) expansion method for calculation of the non-relativistic ground state energy of the Coulomb non-identical three-particle systems is presented. The HO expansion basis with different size parameters in the Jacobi coordinates instead of only one unique oscillator length parameter in the traditional treatment is introduced. This method is applied to calculate the ground state energy of a number of Coulomb three-particle systems for up to 28 excitation HO quanta. The obtained results suggest that the HO basis with different size parameters in the Jacobi coordinates could lead to significant increasing of the rate of convergence for the ground state energy than in the traditional approach.
Mathematical and Computational Physics