Shielding effects in thin films of carbon nanotubes within microwave range

A. Paddubskaya, M. Shuba, G. Valušis, P. Kuzhir, S. Maksimenko, A. Okotrub, E. Flahaut, A.M. Galibert, B. Soula, V. Fierro, A. Celzard


The electromagnetic shielding properties of thin films comprising different types of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were analysed in the microwave frequency range (26–36 GHz). A comparative analysis of the shielding properties was achieved for films based on long and short single-, double- and multi-walled CNTs. The experimental results proved that long-length single-walled CNTs demonstrate the highest interaction with the electromagnetic (EM) field, thereby providing the best shielding efficiency. At the same time, double-walled CNTs demonstrate a higher level of absorption ability (50%) along with the overall high EM shielding efficiency (88%), which makes them attractive for using in nanoelectronics screens as they produce the smallest secondary EM pollution.


microwave frequency range; electromagnetic response; carbon nanotubes

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