Classification of the 5p5nln'l' LSJ energy levels of Cs excited by 30 eV electrons

  • G. Kerevičius
  • A. Kupliauskienė
Keywords: electronic structure of atoms and molecules, theory, autoionization, atomic excitation and ionization


Theoretical investigation of the 5p5nl(L1S1)n'l' LSJ autoionizing states of Cs was performed by using large scale configuration interaction calculations of energy levels, autoionization probabilities and excitation cross sections obtained in the Dirac–Fock– Slater approximation. Classification of calculated energy levels in the LSJ coupling scheme of angular momenta and simulation of the intensities of ejected Auger electron spectrum were performed. The classified energy levels in the region from the excitation threshold up to 17.365 eV and simulated intensity spectrum were used for identification of the experimental ejected-electron spectrum of Cs excited by 30 eV electrons.
Atoms and Molecules