Metastable level properties of the excited configuration 4p<sup>6</sup>4d<sup>8</sup>4f

  • R. Karpuškienė
  • P. Bogdanovich
  • R. Kisielius
Keywords: quasirelativistic approach, many-electron ions, metastable levels, radiative lifetimes


Metastable levels in rhodium-like ions with the ground configuration 4p64d9 and the excited configurations 4p64d84f and 4p54d10 are investigated. The ab initio calculations of the level energies, radiative multipole transition probabilities are performed in a quasirelativistic Hartree–Fock approximation employing an extensive configuration interaction based on quasirelativistic transformed radial orbitals. Systematic trends in the behavior of calculated radiative lifetimes of the metastable levels are studied for the ions from Z = 60 to Z = 92. The significance of the radiative transitions of higher multipole order (M2 and E3) for the calculated radiative lifetimes is demonstrated and discussed.
Atoms and Molecules