Tuning of resonance frequency in array of split-ring resonators in terahertz range

  • G. Šlekas
  • Ž. Kancleris
  • D. Seliuta
Keywords: metamaterial, split-ring resonators, terahertz, band-stop filter, resonance tuning


A numerical investigation of individual symmetric and asymmetric SRRs and planar arrays of SRRs is performed using the finite-difference time-domain method. The types of current resonances in such structures are determined. The relevance between the band-stop filtering effect in pulse transmission and the current resonances within the SRR is identified. Dependence of the resonant frequency on the size of the SRR is established. The tuning of the resonance frequency of the varactor-loaded SRR array is carried out by changing the depletion capacitance of the Schottky barrier.