Investigations of intermolecular interactions between 2-methoxyethanol and nitrobenzene through dielectric relaxation study

  • S.B. Sayyad
  • P.B. Undre
  • P. Yannewar
  • S.S. Patil
  • P.W. Khirade
  • S.C. Mehrotra


Complex dielectric spectra ε*(ω) = ε' − iε" of binary mixture of 2-methoxyethanol with nitrobenzene were obtained in the frequency range of 10 MHz to 20 GHz over the volume fraction range 0 < v < 1 and at different temperatures of 288, 298, 308, and 318 K using the time domain reflectometry (TDR) technique. The static dielectric constant εs and relaxation time τ have been obtained. These values are used to obtain the excess permittivity εEs , excess inverse relaxation time (1/τ)E, Kirkwood correlation factor geff , Bruggeman factor fB, and thermodynamic parameters. On the basis of above parameters, intermolecular interaction and dynamics of molecules at molecular level are predicated.
Keywords: dielectric relaxation, excess parameters, Kirkwood correlation factor, thermodynamic parameters, time domain reflectometry
PACS: 77.22.Ch, 77.22.Gm, 77.84.Nh

Condensed Matter Physics and Technology