The Attitude of the Lithuanians Towards Migration to Norway

  • Paulina Kusaitė
Keywords: Norway, Lithuanians living in Norway, emigrants, immigrants, migration, attitudes


The article is based on the data of an empirical research conducted in Lithuania and Norway in 2021 and discusses the attitudes of the Lithuanians towards migration to Norway. The results of the survey helped to identify the main differences and similarities between the attitudes of the Lithuanians living in Lithuania and those residing in Norway towards migration to Norway: what encourages Lithuanians to emigrate to this country and stay there permanently, what associations Norway raises for Lithuanians, whether this country is a good place to raise children, and so on. Survey results showed that the Lithuanians residing in Lithuania and those living in Norway have similar opinions about Norway. Norway attracts Lithuanians by its economic aspects, such as higher wages and an opportunity to improve their economic situation. In addition, both groups of the Lithuanians appreciate the beautiful nature of Norway as one of the most important aspects of the country’s attraction.