Design and optimization of automatic solar irrigation-based PLC

  • Narimene Debili
  • Abdeslam Haouam
  • Rachid Chenni
Keywords: solar pumping system, automatic irrigation, PLC, P&O MPPT algorithm


Irrigation is the most important step in agriculture. In order to obtain a good agricultural crop, water must be used wisely and appropriately without waste. This article presents an automatic solar irrigation system developed and designed by the authors. The system consists of two parts: a photovoltaic water pumping system and a unit of control based on programmable logic controller. The programmable logic controller (PLC) uses two sensors: one is placed in the field to measure the moisture in the soil, while the second is used to control the amount of water in the storage unit. The photovoltaic pumping system was designed to be able to irrigate one-hectare area of henna Lawsonia inermis L. with daily water need of 33 m3/day and total dynamic head (TDH) of 14 m. The region opted for this study and analysis is 34°41.1’ N latitudes and 6°29.6’ E longitudes in Zribet el Oued-biskra, Algeria.