Vibration analysis for the detection of combined mechanical defects of a wind turbine

  • Issam Harida
  • Abdelkarim Bouras
  • Rabah Boudiaf
Keywords: wind turbine generator, vibration analysis, detection of combined defects, signal processing, discrete wavelet transforms (DWT)


Wind energy is a source of renewable energy derived from the kinetic force of the wind. It has experienced the greatest expansion due, above all, to its low impact on the environment and the gradual reduction of costs, which produce clean, competitive and economically viable energy. In order to ensure the stability of the energy produced, many studies are working to develop a reliable maintenance process based on new online diagnostic techniques, fast and accurate, optimised for wind turbine systems. For this, an experimental study was carried out on a wind system based on electric generators with the aim of contributing to the diagnosis and predictive detection of combined mechanical faults, where the configuration is complex because one fault can hide another. For this, it is imperative to associate each symptom with the appropriate method or methods in order to highlight it unambiguously to detect each defect at the appropriate time. Hence the interest in using more elaborate techniques in order to improve the procedures for detecting and analysing combined faults.