Improvement methods for solving the distribution network reconfiguration problem

  • Ha Duc Nguyen
  • Ilgiz Mirgalimovich Valeev
Keywords: reconfiguration, heuristic algorithms, increase function, power loss, distribution network


The paper presents methods for solving the distribution network reconfiguration problem based on heuristic algorithms. In particular, the study solved the distribution network reconfiguration problem for active power losses reduction. The application of the method to a sample network proved effective compared to other algorithms, especially in case of large-scale and complex systems. In addition, the paper considers the influence of the location and capacity of distributed generations on the distribution network reconfiguration problem in different cases. The results show that the distribution network reconfiguration problem combined with optimization location and size of distributed generations is the most efficient solution for minimizing power loss and enhancing voltage profile. The proposed methods have been also successfully applied in the small- and medium-scale practical radial distribution networks. The simulation results show that the proposed methods can be used as reference materials for network reconfiguration problems with single and multi-objectives.