Power–frequency balance with superconducting magnetic energy storage using optimized intelligent controller

  • Y. K. Bhateshvar
  • H. D. Mathur
Keywords: multi-area power system, load frequency control, fuzzy logic controller, genetic algorithm, SMES


This paper presents an optimized design of the fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for the two-area interconnected power system to regulate the frequency deviation and power deviations when subjected to change in load. The developed power system model apart from having conventional sources also has a superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) unit which is capable of storing electric energy and releases it as per system requirements. SMES is used to support short-term active power in order to maintain power–frequency balance in the system under test. This two-area power system considered comprises reheat thermal and hydro units of the same capacity in each area. In the proposed control scheme, optimization of the FLC is carried out in four different steps: the first step is for optimization of the range of input and output variables, the second one for membership functions, the third and fourth steps for rule base and rule weight optimization, respectively. Genetic algorithm (GA) is used for the proposed step-by-step optimization process. Comparing the other methods available in literature, the proposed method is found more effective in achieving optimal results. Simulation results are also tabulated as a comparative performance in view of the main performance indices, i. e. settling time and peak undershoot.