Programme elements of Swedish nuclear waste management – implementing with what results?

  • Ulf Roßegger
Keywords: Nuclear Waste Management, high-level waste, Sweden


In the controversy over a safe and permanent disposal of nuclear waste, numerous solutions have been put forward. While from a scientific point of view answers are inconclusive, the option of geological disposal seems to be the most common approach in several European countries, i. e. in Sweden. Firstly, the objective of this article is to present the organisation of nuclear waste management (NWM) in Sweden. The particular focus shall be put on the implementation of the respective national policy. Furthermore, it will be shown what kind of responsible agencies were established. The article aims at analysing the adopted strategy and process as well as showing the difficulties inherent to finding a site which is both appropriate and meets technical issues, political and public acceptance. After a short outline of the historical development the article attempts to identify special national phases in the development of the nuclear waste management. It then illustrates how the Swedish national concept for the direct geological disposal of domestic nuclear fuel has been implemented and which policy regimes have been introduced. In addition to that, the present situation or stage of implementing will be analysed.