Complex analysis of stationarity and homogeneity of flash flood maximum discharges in the Rika River basin

Liudmyla Gorbachova, Tetiana Bauzha


An important hydrological task for flood dangerous regions of any country is an analysis of maximum flow trends of rivers because in these areas high floods of different genesis with significant and long-term flooding of the territories, sometimes with catastrophic consequences, have formed. In Ukraine the Carpathian Mountains belong to such regions.
In the article, an analysis of long-term dynamics of maximum discharges of mountain rivers in the Rika River basin (Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains) was presented. Research of the maximum discharges of the flash floods that are 1.6 times higher than the maximum discharges of snow-rain floods on average in the basin is carried out. Complex use of hydrological genetic (total and difference integral curves, compatible chronological graphs) and statistical methods (statistical significance of linear trends, Fisher’s and Student’s statistical criteria) for the estimation of homogeneity and stationarity of observation series for the achievement of more reliable results was researched. The cyclical fluctuations of the maximum discharges of flash floods are analyzed.


maximum discharge; small mountain catchments; stationarity; homogeneity

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