Modeling thermal and gas-dynamic processes in a steam turbine exhaust hood

  • Svitlana Alyokhina
  • Olha Simbirska
Keywords: steam turbine exhaust hood, conjugate heat transfer problem, thermal and gas-dynamic processes


The operation safety of any turbo-installation depends on the effectiveness and reliability of working of its basic constructs. For that purpose it is required to use modern approaches to constructions of turbine equipment of the Thermal Power Station (TPS) and Heat Power Plant (HPP). It is impossible without a detailed investigation of thermal and gas-dynamic processes. The investigations of thermal and gas dynamic processes in a steam turbine exhaust hood have been carried out. The numerical solving of the conjugate heat transfer problem was used. This approach allowed to define the thermal field of steam and solid case, and the velocity field of steam. These results of investigations will be used in solving inverse heat transfer problems for definition of heat transfer coefficients on inner surfaces of the exhaust hood.
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