Impact of temperature variation on energy consumption and productivity of the occupants in office buildings

  • Rokas Valančius
  • Andrius Jurelionis
Keywords: energy performance, unsteady air temperature, thermal sensation, work performance


Heating and cooling equipment in office buildings is usually controlled according to external air temperature. However, due to sudden outdoor air temperature variations, indoor climate may not always be adjusted to fit into the comfort range. Despite the modern facilities, occupants may be exposed to a temporary thermal discomfort that affects their performance. The aim of this study was to outline the influence of indoor air temperature variation on office work performance and energy consumption. During the experiment in the real office, indoor and outdoor climate parameters as well as energy consumption were observed. Employees were asked to fill questionnaires by indicating their thermal sensation, perception of air quality and humidity. The results of the study showed that indoor climate changes may cause dissatisfaction of participants, which could lead to their lower productivity. The effects of intermittent indoor climate parameters on energy consumption were outlined as well.
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